Friday, June 25, 2010

CLIQUE The IT Club's Introduction Session

The activities by various clubs and committee's at IMNU are picking up pace gradually.After SportsComm's successfully hosted the mini volleyball championship,it was Clique – The IT Club of IMNU's turn to host an event.

The club organized a welcome session for 1st years to update them about the tools used among students for quick and effective communication in hostel.The session started with a brief introduction of the club members and the activities we have done during the past year. It then moved on to steps involved in configuring Outlook to receive world client emails. IP messenger(bakar station) and achat software was passed on to all the students and many people got it installed and learnt how to use these simple yet effective tools to communicate or share contents with others on Network. Many students also learnt, for the first time, to connect to the Wi-Fi network available in the classrooms.

The session also served as an ice-breaker to meet many 1st years and to interact with them informally. More than 90 students turned up for the session to make it a grand success.
(With inputs from Subramaniam)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A New Beginning At IMNU....

After a long hiatus of almost three months "Planet IMNU" has come alive again.After finishing our summer internships we are back as seniors.When we reached here the batch of 2010-12 was already on campus as they landed one week earlier for the orientation week.

All of us who were out of Ahmedabad for our internships missed the campus alot not to mention the bakar on IP,the midnight radio,birthday celebrations,etc etc.However we were kept in the loop about what was on in the campus by our batchmates who were staying back here for their internships.....

The juniors are getting used to the schedule here and having intearacted with quite a few of them I can say that they are as anxious and curious as we were when we came here last year.Though the formal introduction session with them in the auditorium is yet to take place I can say for sure that these guys are going to rock in their two years here at IMNU.As is the case with our batch there are many sports freaks in this batch too.Come evening and the courts are full...not to mention football..this game as usual has the highest takers amongst the juniors too..Football is the national game if I can say so atleast here at IMNU.COPA,Slamdunk and NCL are gonna be even more bigger and exciting this time.

As a curtain raiser to the year's sports activities,SportsComm arranged a mini volleyball tournament amongst Titans,Pirates and Stallions.The Pirates and the Titans reached the finals which ended in a draw as only two sets could be played due to paucity of time which both sides won one set each.But irrespective of the result the event was a success as all three teams played their hearts out and as is the case every time SportsComm pulled of another event successfully.

As far as the upcoming events are concerned...first up we gonna have the much awaited introduction session with the 2010-12 batch followed by the Freshers Party for them about which Iam sure they have heard alot and just in case they have not,once they see the photographs of our Freshers Party they will know what to expect :-)

Another year at Planet IMNU has just begun and the party is yet to begin,there is lot more to come....Watch this space for more!

Till then.....Adios!!!