Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sumantra organizes 'Shabdanjali', a Hindi-Gujarati poetry recital

Institute of Management, Nirma University (IMNU) organized its annual event ‘Shabdanjali’, a Hindi-Gujarati poetry recital program on Sunday. It was a gentle attempt by the students of the institute to keep alive the literary interests in the people and to encourage them to explore the cultural heritage of these languages. Mrs.Giraben Bhatt, a well known Gujarati writer/poet graced the occasion with her presence. Poets and young writers from all over the city participated in the event, presenting self-written poetry; with the youngest participant being a 15 year old girl. The poetry presented ranged from subjects like, politics and love to motivation, success and college life. The event was conducted by Sumantra, the book club of IMNU.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Highlights of Pre-Budget Session

Finesse, the Finance club of IMNU organized a “Pre-Budget” session on 24th February, 2011. The session aimed to analyze the current economic situation of the country and compare it with the past. It also aimed to make the audience aware about the budget making exercise of the Government. An attempt was made to forecast the measures that the Government might take in the upcoming budget to tackle the current problems and take the economy forward.

The eminent speakers for the session were Prof. Bindi Mehta and Prof. R J Mody and the session was chaired by Prof. Mallikarjun. Finesse members (Jay Joshi, Mitesh Jain & Manan Pamani) gave a presentation on the state of the economy, comparing it with the past 4-5 years.
Prof. Bindi Mehta gave an insight into the process of the constitutional exercise carried out every year by the Indian Parliamentary system. She talked about the intricacies in the preparation of the Budget. She also explained the fiscal and monetary measures that the Government takes to control the economy.

A macroeconomic analysis of the Indian economy was done by the students. It covered the overall health of the economy and compared the fiscal deficit, inflation and balance of payments with the past 4 years. The impact of windfall gains from 3G auction and sensitivity analysis with respect to this aspect was carried out. The important taxation announcements in the past 3 years that affected the countrymen were explained.

Prof. Mody talked about the major causes of inflation and the measures required for controlling it. He explained that the inflationary pressure is from supply and distribution side constraints rather than demand-driven. He compared the Indian economy with other countries and highlighted how it is different from them. He also tried to give a picture of what to expect from the current budget.

Prof. Mallikarjun concluded the session and the insightful questions were taken up. He explained that high current account deficit should not be cause of worry and it should not be compared with other countries as India is fundamentally different from other countries.

(Content Courtesy: Manan Pamani on behalf of Finesse Club)

Aavjo, the Farewell Cricket series to begin on the 27th Feb

Aavjo, the farewell Cricket series kicked off in style with the opening ceremony on 24th February at IMNU Auditorium. The ceremony a precursor to the cricket tournament which begins on the 27th February began with an introduction to the theme and the concept behind the much awaited series. This was followed by an enthralling performance by Messy Business, the IMNU Rock band which made the audience go wild. After these the four competing teams, i.e. Northern Knights, Western Warriors, Eastern Eagles and Southern Superstars each displayed a team video sounding a warning to their rivals. This was followed by Faculty allocation to each side and distribution of team bands to all the players.

The battle on the field begins on 27th February when the Northern Knights take on the Western Warriors in the opening game.

For more details check out the Aavjo website:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Budgetary sessions by Finesse

Finesse, the Finance Club of IMNU is organizing sessions aimed at analyzing the 2011-12 Union Budget and its implications on common people and industries and the managerial perspective of these.

The 1st of these sessions, the Pre Budget Session will be organized on the 24th February, at 2.30 pm in the IMNU auditorium. The session will be chaired by Prof. R.J. Mody who will be accompanied by Prof. M. Malllikarjun and Prof. Bindi Mehta. The session will provide an insight on the Budget of the past 4 years and the expectations from this year's Budget.

The 2nd session will be held on the 3rd March, at 2.30 pm in the IMNU auditorium. This session will aim to analyze the 2011-12 Budget. The speaker for this event will be Mr. Saurabh Soparkar an eminent Law Practice Professional from Ahmedabad and Prof. R. J. Mody.

Finesse invites one and all to attend these sessions.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

“Shabdanjali”-Gujarati/Hindi Poetry Recitation Program by Sumantra”- The Book Club of IMNU

“Shabdanjali ”- is “Poems for the People - Poems by the People”.
It’s a platform of expression, recognition and appreciation of creativity.

It’s not just for B-Schools, any one and every one with creativity and love for poetry is invited. It’s a platform to share your original Gujarati/Hindi Poetry with poetry lovers all around.

Please send in your poems to by 25th February, 2011. (Maximum of 2 poems per person) . Also mention your full name, address, phone numbers, e-mail id and current occupation in the email.


Date-27 th February,2011
Time-9:00 Am
Venue-Institute of management Auditorium,
Nirma university

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Parakram 2011

Parakram 2011, the 2 day National level sports extravaganza organized by Institute of Management, Nirma University kicked off on 13th February 2011. Teams from top B-schools like IIM-I, MICA, IMNU, IRMA etc. participated in the event. Each B-school had a team of 30 players who participated across Team Games (cricket, football, volleyball, basketball and throw ball) and Individual Games (tennis, table tennis, badminton, athletics and chess). A squad of total 30 students with at least 9 girls was required from each B-School. All the games were officiated by referees from Sports Authority of India (SAI).

Large crowds came to support their respective college. All the matches were full of excitement and high adrenaline. The spectators were treated with some breathtaking performances, all the B-school teams showed great endeavour and enthusiasm to emerge victorious and walk away with the crown.

Day 3: Richter10 and Perspective

A grand kavi sammelan marks the end of Richter10 - 2011 and Perspective 2011 which saw plethora of events. Richter10 and Perspective offered a platform for students to present their ideas in front of industry stalwarts and receive constructive feedback and put to practice all the fundas learnt in B-school. It provided a wonderful blend of fun and learning which tested not just the IQs of the participants but their EQs too which is absolutely necessary to survive in this world of cut throat competition.

Navreeti was a Case Study contest with focus on applying IT strategies for business. Based on the initial analysis of the given case, eight teams were shortlisted for the final round where they presented their detailed analysis in front of a panel of eminent judges with years of industry experience. It provided the participants a platform to showcase their investigative skills and knowledge of best business practices in IT to find an innovative solution for a complex problem.

Shutter Bucks was for all the people who love seeing the world with the lens of their camera and always find picture perfect moments and scenes to capture whenever and wherever they go. In this on campus photography contest each participant submitted five photographs on three themes given to them on the spot. The brilliant technique, artistry and originality of the photographs received reflected the creative energy and spirit of the participants.

For all those who have strong opinions and even stronger reasoning skills to prove their point, The Big Fight was the perfect platform to meet the best debaters of various B-Schools and wrestle with them with words. Strong arguments and counter arguments were eloquently presented by the participating teams on the topic “Are the actions of Wikileaks justified?” The top five teams proceeded to the next round which was an intense group discussion on social networking. The teams were judged on the basis of creativity and originality, voice, body language, leadership, group behaviour and listening skills.

The first of its kind event Saanidhya brought together the social cells of IIM-A , MICA and IMNU. The kids for which the social cells Prayaas (IIM-A), Jaagriti (MICA), SARAL (IMNU) and ManavSadhana (NGO at Gandhi Ashram) are working, were invited to IMNU to spend a fun filled day. The kids were given a tour of the college followed by a crafts workshop. Shortly afterwards a talent show was organized in the IMNU Auditorium where the kids unleashed their tireless spirits and gave some breathtaking performances which were indeed a treat to the eyes of the volunteers; music and dance was in the air. Finally sports and fun activities organized in the IMNU back lawns kept the kids entertained. It was a memorable day for the kids and provided them the determination to study hard and find entry to the portals of IMNU and other reputed institutions and prove their mettle.

Treasure Hunt made the participants span the length and breadth of IMNU and every nook and corner of IMNU saw huge footfall of unrelenting participants determined to reach the treasure however complex the path may be.

The highlight of the day was the Hasya Kavi Sammelan by Dr. Kumar Vishwas, Dr. Surendra Sharma and Shri Saral Sampat . They exuded an aura and appeal that totally transcended all age barriers and captivated the audience throughout their performance with their brilliant satires and adorable poetries. The audience went into peals of laughter and gave standing ovation to many of their compositions. The poetries ‘Ek Koi Deewana Kehta Hai’ and ‘Ek pagli Ladki Ke Bin’ by Dr Kumar Vishwas were received with roaring applause. This was the first time that a kavi sammelan was organized in IMNU and it was a delightful evening indeed, the audience captured their golden words in their cell phones and digi-cams to keep those wonderful moments alive for years to come.

Kudos to Cult Comm and all those who were involved in working out the nitty gritties of the various events of Richter10 and Perspective and making it such a big success. !

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 2 : Richter 10

Snapshot of the day's events:

Aagaz was the individual Karaoke singing competition which drew lots of enthusiastic participants and offered quality music to the audience. The event consisted of two rounds, an elimination round in which participants were asked to sing for 2 min utes any song of their choice and a final round where five shortlisted candidates gave a karaoke performance for a song given to them on the spot. The first and the second prizes were bagged by John Magos from IBMR and Aniket Vipat from IMNU.

Another event which attracted major participation was The Scavenger Hunt. Teams of 4 were supposed to ‘Hunt ‘for enlisted objects within the stipulated time. The list kept the participants on their toes and really tested their spontaneity, agility and coordination skills.

mIMNUrma organized by the Quizzing club of IMNU was a truly national level quiz competition for MBA aspirant s. The event saw a huge response with over 280 teams across the nation participating in the first round which was an online quiz contest. In the second round the top six teams battled it out to be crowned “Quizzing Wizards”.

Masquerade- the face painting competition provided opportunity to the pa
rticipants to speak through colours on a living canvas. The participants creatively portrayed a theme allotted to them in a span of one hour and were judged based on the creativity and the intricacy of the design and the coherence with the theme. The breadth and depth of ideas depicted by the participants was truly mind boggling.

The fest witnessed a variety of informal events including Matki Phod, Blind Date, Tambola, Who Dares Wins etc. These events drew huge crowds and saw massive participation.

The gem of the crown was the DJ Night which offered abundance of thrill and mind boggling music, just enough to break the dance floor. The DJ spun some popular Bollywood and Hollywood songs and kept the audience entertained, it was a night to enjoy the flavour of music and let you body and soul groove to the DJs tunes.

Day 2 : Perspective

Snapshots of events of the day:

Bouleterion – conceived and organized by the HR Club of IMNU truly tested the intelligence, decision making ability, creativity and team working ability of the participants. The participants were given a platform to propose and present their ideas to formulate a post Kyoko Agreement. The game had a setup similar to the COP16 summit that took place in Cancun, Mexico. Every team was assigned a country and based on some news flashed on the screen about different countries the participants had to defend their respective country’s stance on that particular issue. They had to convince other nations (teams) about the proposals of their interest and these proposals were subsequently voted in the meet. Proposal was deemed passed only when it has majority and “Yes” from all the five veto powers. The teams were evaluated based on the arguments, counter arguments, clarity of thoughts, concerns and feasibility of implementation.

Quizmos-The business quiz hosted by ‘The Daily Grill’ had 42 teams fighting for the trophy of merit. Teams from the top B –schools across the country viz. NITIE, MICA, IMNU, SIBM-P were a part of the battle. The Quiz was hosted by the founders of The Daily Grill, Mahit Vyas, Raghav Rastogi, Harshal Modi and Neha Sharma. The elimination format of the quiz was based on the Cricket world cup 2011.

The Longs and the Shorts was an insightful competition where the participating teams had to pick up any stock which is listed either NSE or BSE with a market capitalization of equal to or more than Rs. 500 crores and create a detailed Equity Research Report containing Clearly Defined BUY or a SELL recommendation on the stock, Price Target, Clearly defined Price Target End Date, Negative Drivers and key downside risks to Price Target, Detailed Company and Industry analysis and the valuation of the stock based on sound assumptions. The participants created comprehensive considering various parameters such as size of the business, its sustainable competitive advantage, profits and profitability, relationship with the employees and marketing prowess of the company among other things. The report was then presented by the participants in front of a panel of eminent judges with expertise in the same domain.

The literary event Sahitya consisted of poetry competition and completing loose end stories. With the first round concluding online, there were a total of ten teams fighting it out for the top spots. The second and final round had three phases, the first one being the online book review, the next phase was a loose end story writing competition with the story of an entrepreneur riding through the streets and seeing something unexpected. The teams came up with spectacular stories which left even the judges surprised. The final phase was a poetry competition with the title “Who Am I”. The poetry session saw some of the most talented participants from various colleges like IMNU Ahmedabad, SIBM Bangalore, SIBM Pune, NITIE Mumbai and EDI Gandhinagar.

Money Messiah, the online stock simulation game organized by Finesse Club in collaboration with Clique Club, concludes today. It provided an opportunity to the participants to get a feel of the volatile and tricky waters of the stock market trading without investing real money. All the teams were provided a fixed sum of 25,00,000, the biggest challenge here was to create a portfolio of investments based on performance, future expectations of the company and periodic news that was flashed during the course of the game. Some participants earned upto 95 Lakhs, the results are awaited with loads of curiosity and enthusiasm.

Prayaas – The Endeavour, the social marketing competition, attempted to raise social consciousness among B school students by offering a platform to the brilliant minds to articulate social marketing strategies for different social causes. In the elimination round the participating teams submitted a report identifying a social problem, frameworks used for investigation, primary and secondary research data along with a self explanatory video of 10 minutes depicting the policy issues. The shortlisted entries from the first round presented their idea to a panel of eminent judges in the second round.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Richter'10 Day -1

Institute of Management, Nirma University kicked off its annual Cultural Fest ‘Richter-10’ today. The three day festival began with ‘Guerrar’, a LAN gaming competition featuring the popular game Counter Strike. Participants in teams of 5, fought in a virtual battlefield to be crowned ‘Gaming Wizards’. This was followed up by ‘Kabad Wars’, where participants depicted a Casino using waste and other craft materials. The major event following this was ‘Showtime’ a movie making competition by Chehre, the Dramatics Club of IMNU. Saurabh the coordinator of the event told that this event provided the participants a perfect platform to express their feelings and give them shape, color and sound.

The day ended with a bang with a Rock Night featuring rock bands from across the country including On Second Thought, Scandal Night Dinner, Messy Business, Ash Q and Logik. The bands performed songs ranging from Classical Rock to Punk Rock and Heavy Metal to Sufi Rock. The music left the audience spellbound as everybody grooved to the fantastic display of rhythm and beats.

Other events that were organized included Rok Tok (Just a minute Competition), and an Antakshari Competition.

Perspective - Day 1

Perspective, the annual Academic Confluence of Institute of Management, Nirma University started today with overwhelming response. Participants from various schools across the country battled it out in competitions aimed to test their knowledge, creativity and confidence.

The day began with Bellatus Ultimus (Best Manager Competition) that featured 8 grueling rounds to find out the most competent manager conducted by ‘Imprintz’, the HR Club. The event was judged by Ms. Chandni Joshi, a participant of MTV’s Roadies 8.0, along with Dr. Manaswini Acharya, a former faculty at IIM-Lucknow and present faculty at IMNU, and Ms. Kajal Patel, a fitness expert. Harshil Kothari, the event coordinator said that this event featured the true test of skills that any manager would experience in his life.

Alongside this Bizzart, an Integrated Marketing Communication competition was organized by Niche, the Marketing Club, that featured teams from IIM-Indore, IIT-Kanpur, NITIE and NMIMS, Mumbai amongst others. Gaurav Somani the event co-ordinator contributed the successful completion of this event on the hardwork and dedication put by his Club members. The winners for this event were Ad Wizards from SIESCOMS, Mumbai while Foodies from NMIMS, Mumbai came second.

‘Swayam’, the Entrepreneurial Club of IMNU organized, ‘Srijan’ the B-Plan Competition, based on the theme of Social Entrepreneurship. The judges for the event were Mr Ronak Shah, Director-Brand Communication, Mudra Communication; Mr. Mahesh Goel, Assistant General Manager, State Bank of India; and Mr. Arvind Modi, Associate Vice President, Gujarat Venture Finance Limited – A VC Fund Company. Team Invincibles from MICA, Ahmedabad won the 1st prize while Team VCS from IRMA, Anand were the Runners-up. The highlight of the event was that the top two teams and one more team got funding offers from Mr. Ronak Shah. These three teams also received offers for mentorship support from the Mr. Arvind Modi. This has happened for the first time at IMNU that the teams had received such offers from industry czars at the B-Plan event.

The other event for the day was Money Messiah conducted by ‘Finesse’ the Finance Club, an online trading event that will take place over Friday and Saturday.