Sunday, August 15, 2010


The Fine$$e team kicked into action with their first event of the academic year 2010. Monday being the official Fine$$e day on campus witnessed an informative and informative session namely- ‘Finance Unravelled’.
‘Our common myth is to construe finance and accounting as the same thing,’ was aptly quoted by one of the junior coordinators at the onset of the session, as it has always been the aim of Fine$$e to provide clarity and insights on financial literature and the financial world.
The session provided an insight into the various careers in the discipline of finance. Junior Finesse members conducted the session and explained the job roles of financial analysts, credit managers, portfolio managers, et al.
The perfect end to the session was the interactive quiz giving our audience a chance to win chocolates. The quiz was a lot of fun and the chocolates proved quite an incentive for everyone to try harder at the tough question. All in all, the Fine$$e quiz was the much needed element to make the event a success.
The session was just the right opening session as it helped form a base for all the first year students and helped them understand that financial numbers and jargons are not that tough as they are made out to be. All the students participated keenly in the session, keeping the enthusiasm of our junior coordinators alive to strive to plan out such beneficial sessions in the future.

The legacy of Fine$$e lives on and the junior team with fellow batch mates has just about begun to explore the world of finance.

(Content Courtesy: Tanvi Dhamija)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

‘Expressions’ Curtain Raiser

After the gruelling midterm examinations Club expressions organized its first event on Aug 10, 2010. Ecstatic celebrations erupted in E3 as seniors and juniors gathered to participate in the fun filled team games. The first year students tasted another aspect of life at IMNU apart from academic rigour while the seniors remembered the ‘masti’ that has been the constant ingredient of events of ‘Expressions’.

The event was aimed at forging enduring bonds between seniors and juniors and what better way to do so than through team games! Each team comprised of two juniors and one senior. The teams battled against each other in the game of dumb charades which had a twist... With the team members seated back to back it was fun watching the mimer switch his position between the team members every 15 seconds as he tried to enact as many things as possible from the list. It was a very close competition. For the other games too the vivacity of the participants was unequivocally exhibited by constant cheering.

The entire room was brimming with energy and enthusiasm as the teams played zealously for the first prize. The winners Saurabh & Group and the Runners Up Ekta & Group walked away with the BIG prizes. But the participants weren’t disappointed either. There were chocolates for all and it was hilarious watching the ‘expressions’ of all of the seven deadly sins- anger, gluttony, pride, lust, greed, envy and sloth, all for these chocolates!!!

Journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step. Hope the small step by Expressions paves way for a lasting relationship between seniors and juniors...

(Content Courtesy: Roshni Kumar)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Montage’10 at IMNU

The new session at IMNU started with a high after the mid-term exams through the exuberating display of performances by the batch of 2012 at “Montage’10 - A Fusion of Arts” on Saturday evening. The event was special in the sense that the first year students both organized & participated in such a large scale event for the first time. The preparation started before the mid-term exams and the huge turnover at auditions caught the organizers, the Cultural committee in frenzy, but they were happily surprised with the zeal and talent of the participants.

The event started on Saturday evening at the auditorium with SaraswatiVandana. This was followed by two high octane group songs featuring a blend of popular Hindi & English music by groups of Bhashith& Keya respectively, a spellbinding performance on Harmonica by AnshulTalokar and a melodious song rendition by Karan. This was followed by a special dance performance by the kids of construction workers working at Nirma University co-ordinated by “Saral”-the Social cell of IMNU. Aniket then made the crowd move to their feet by singing DusBahane. Next up were FB students who gave an enchanting performance on VandeMataram using fluorescent props, the highlight of this performance was the expression through the formation of hands , followed by a medley of duets by a group from Fiesta. “Chehre-The Dramatics Club” performed a musical on the life of a student at IMNU, which was liked by one & all. Abhishek Srivastava& his group performed an “expressionless” dance next, which made the audience roar with laughter, after which RohitAdukia sang a hindi number. The dance group from Fiesta then took the stage by storm with their scintillating moves which was followed up by another superb performance by Joy and group. These were followed by rocking song renditions by Bhashit&Kuldeep, AmritIyer and Manoj Jacob and groovy dance performances by Surabhi&Sugato and Chandrakant’s group. The last event of the evening was a fashion show in which the participants wore formal, traditional & casual attires representing today’s youth and their aspirations.

This first year’s showed that these guys are a talented bunch of people and we can surely expect much more from them in the coming future…....First Year’ guys rocked Montage’10!!!

-(With inputs from Safal Jain)

Monday, August 2, 2010

IMNU ALUMNI ENTRY PROCESS- Made easy and quick!

It has been observed over the past that entry to IMNU Alumni at the Nirma University gate was turning out to be a long process due to the identity verification . In many cases it was resulting in denial of entry to them too. Hence, Kaizen Committee has proposed and successfully implemented following process for the IMNU Alumni entry at the Nirma University main gate considering all the security concerns.

1. A File containing the names of all the MBA-Full Time, MBA-Family Business Students and MBA – Part Time passed out of IMNU is kept at the Main gate.
2. When the alumnus comes at the gate, Security guard should collect following information from him/her:
a. The program he/she attended: MBA – Full Time, Family Business or Part Time
b. Year of Passing out
c. Photo ID: Driver’s license/ PAN card/ Voter’s id card/ Passport/Company id card
3. Based on above information, the security guard will confirm from the file, whether his/her name exist or not.
4. If the name matches with the given identity then alumnus should be issued a gate pass and given entry into the campus.
5. The Gate Pass should be signed by Faculty/Staff/Hostel Warden as acknowledgement.
6. Alumni should be allowed entry up to 08:00 pm.

The outcome of this process is (while still firmly establishing the person’s identity):
1. Reduced processing time
2. Lesser load on internal people to establish the identity of visitor
3. Lesser layers of approval for allowing entry
4. Lesser waiting time for visiting alumni at the main gate

In case any doubt, Please contact any of the following Kaizen committee Members.

Ghazi Sheikh 9913419319
Pradipta Saha 9712307631
Sandeep Kapasi 9638997829
Harsh Mehta 9909894784