Thursday, November 24, 2011

Quality Seminar at IMNU

IMNU jointly organised a seminar on Quality Management with ASQ's LMC Ahmedabad on 23rd November, 2011. The seminar aimed at providing valuable insights in quality concepts and their applications. The seminar was graced by with the presence of delegates from the industry and academia.
The event started with an introductory speech by Dr. Himanshu Trivedi, ASQ Ahmedabad LMC Chair. He gave a brief description about ASQ Ahmedabad LMC and its activities. It was followed by a speech from Dr. Gopalkrishnan, Director, Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, highlighting on the technical advancements and concepts in operations management and their inclusion in the syllabus from the academic point of view.
The first session started with a Presentation by Mr. Ramesh Rajgopal, Manager Operations on Excellence in Quality through total Employee Involvement. Also he mainly focussed on the importance of improving quality of education (operations) to improve on the current standards of Quality in manufacturing and service industry.
The second session was presented through a case study on Nurturing Quality concepts in children - Case study of Anand Niketen School, Ahmedabad, by Ms. Sonal Narang, Academic Headmistress, Anan Niketan School, Satellite, Ahmedabad.  She stressed on to the importance of components of Experiencial learning like act, experience, Analyse and observe in the education system.  She also stated the importance of data handling for children in this informative age.

Presentation by Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh K. Jain, Sr. Associate Professor, Institute of Management, Nirma University and the vice chair for the seminar unravelled the underlying mysteries of Quality. Describing the real value of quality he traversed through the intricacies of quality components making us present to various dimensions of quality.

Mr. Shrikant Mehta, Asst. Vice President, Operational Excellence, ABB Vadodara explained the  
Gemba methodology in the operations management. It’s a Japanese methodology and it Gembi means a place where everything is happening. He further stated the importance of effective communication process and the effective usage of Gemba to improve on the same. Further he also explained how Gemba is used to track safety, material quality, processes, grievance redressal and many other related factors on daily basis.

Organisational excellence through Quality was presented by Mr. Nital Zaveri, CEO Concept Learning System, Vadodara. It was an interactive session and he actually dramatized the complete scenario in the form of discussions on the topic. This provided a practical experience and also a clear picture of the issues faced by the managers at their respective level of control.

Mr. Ramesh Rajgopal (ASQ CSSBB) and Mr. Shrikant Mehta (ASQ CQM) shared their views on  enhancing competence through Professional Certifications. Major part of the discussion was the  need and benefits  of the firms to achieve quality certifications which would not only improve on their efficiencies but also bring about necessary structural changes in the method of functioning of a process. Also they commented upon how important is for the managers to get professionally certified and its implications on their working skills and career.
The Seminar concluded with a Vote of thanks and closing remarks by Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh K Jain, Vice Chair ASQ Ahmedabad LMC. Most of the discussions were carried out with the case base methodology which touched upon the analytical and practical aspects of the concept under discussion. It was an enlightening seminar for the participants and they appreciated the speakers and their content.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Finesse Club organised the event “BANKING – THE ASSET PERSPECTIVE” on 16th November 2011. The speaker for the session was Mr. Dharmendra Surana (Head – Corporate Finance at Corporate Liaison & Advisory Services).
He is an alumnus of IMNU from the batch 2004-06. He has worked with Centurion Bank of Punjab in the SME Dept. He has also worked with Standard Chartered Bank as Head of Medium Enterprise. The 60 minutes audio conference session gave an overview of the following topics:
1) Asset and Liability side of Banking
2) Debt Restructuring
3) Debt/Loan Syndication
4) Responses of banks due to changes in REPO rates.
5) Hedging Strategies.
The session was very interactive and the students took the opportunity to clear their queries related to the Banking – Asset management services and credit policies. The session ended with a vote of thanks by the Finesse Team and a feedback from the participants on the event.
(Content Courtesy: Karan Bhadra)