Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FIESTA:The Dance and Music Club of IMNU

The students of IMNU have formed a new and an exciting club...this new addition to the clubs family is the Dance and Music Club of IMNU,
The club as the name suggests will cater to the creativity of the students of IMNU.
The major objectives that the club seeks out to achieve are :

•Forming a Rock band that would represent the college at various events both at national and local level also a dance group that would represent the college in various cultural events.
• Organizing workshops (Latin, Hip-hop, Freestyle, Guitar, Keyboard, etc.) and training sessions to cater to the needs of students who want to learn the same.
• Inviting eminent personalities in the field of dance and music to the institute to enlighten students and organizing quizzes and interactive events with themes based on music and dance.
• Conducting concerts in college ocassionally.

The coordinators of the club are :

Kshitij Tiwari
Darshil Jhaveri
Vishal Vora
Preet Shah
Shradha Mantri

Way to go guys are gonna rock IMNU!!!!

COPA 2009

Its barely been a week into the new term but the buzz is back here at IMNU.After getting the end term marks the "shaken and stirred"(pun inteneded) students have more or less settled down and are ready for a new innings.New term,new subjects....its a start from the scratch again!!! of the premiere football tournaments "COPA" which had been postponed due to rains last month saw the finals being played today...Two of the best football teams of IMNU the CZARS clashed against the PIRATES.
Czars defeated the Stallions to reach the finals.Pirates on the other hand defaeted Phoneix on their road to the finals.The final match was a closely contested one as both the teams held their nerves till full-time without letting the other team score a goal.This led to penalty shootouts wherin the Pirates scored four out of four shots and the Czars could only convert two goals out of the four shots.
Thus PIRATES were crowned the COPA 2009 CHAMPIONS....first time in the history of IMNU the same section,PIRATES have won the first two major sports tournaments of the year SLAMDUNK and COPA....
With this the PIRATES have established themselves as strong contenders for the NIRMA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE(NCL)...they are team to watch out for!!!


For the first years..a new term...a new starting........
For the second years... the "PLACEMENT term" begins...
Amidst all this frenzy CHeHrE is back with its latest offering:
“Showtime” the video making competition, 
wherein All your Creativity.....compiled into a Video.....presented in front ofall,

striving to be the BEST....this is what "SHOWTIME" is all about...
The theme for the event is 'NOTHING' and yet in a way, it encompasses
'EVERYTHING'...You can make your videos on any theme you want...

This time around the event is bigger and better than the last time....

With cash prizes worth Rs.3000 and an even more enthusiastic bunch of people,

The event surely promises to be rocking one. You must have seen the Graveyard Productions, VMAD Productions and the other production houses of our seniors whose videos like “Johny Mera Naam”,”Room Nummer 313”,”Dosti Forever” on SHOWTIME have made it such a grand event.

Seniors have already set a very high standard and they are going to raise the bar further this time around too...So c’mon people....gear up....its time all of us shoot those videos and unleash our creativity here at planet IMNU

So here are the rules and regulations -
1. Participating teams can be from MBA(FT),(FB). Cross teams
are allowed; that is in a team, a combination of FB,FT students are allowed.
2. Size of the team is at the participants' discretion. A participant can be a single person or a team of more than 1 .
3. The duration of the video should not exceed 8 minutes.
For any technical assistance, you can contact any of the following: 
Omkar Joshi 9737770269
Prateek Katoch 9099986289
Aashish Jindal 9099986246

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Nirma International Conference on Management 2010



Nirma International Conference on Management, IMNU is one of the most prestigious management event organized in India. It includes research work of eminent professors, corporates and scholars from all over India and abroad. In our aim of promoting quality research work, IMNU is proud to announce paper presentation competition

In these troubled times, the priority in managing finance is no longer to create, but first to regain the shareholder value and then build on a renewed foundation. Therefore, it is a challenge with twin tasks; to first restore shareholder value and then sustain it in the future.

IMNU invites papers on the following broad topics of Financial Management-


• Wealth Management
• Asset Allocation
• Asset Pricing
• Derivatives
• Market Efficiency
• Market Intermediaries
• Behavioural Finance

• Convergence of Accounting Standards
• Financial Reporting Practices
• Corporate Governance Practices
• Management Control and Information System
• Balanced Scorecard

• Credit Derivative Structure
• Commodity Derivatives
• Over-the-counter Derivatives
• Pension Fund Reforms
• Financial Economics
• Identification and Management of Financial Crisis
• International Acquisitions by Indian Multinationals
• Innovations in Financing
• Foreign Direct Investment & Foreign Institutional
Investors: Legal and Legislative Aspects
• Environmental Finance & Carbon Trading
• Sub prime mortgage loans
• Micro Finance

• Policy Reforms
• Regulatory Framework


Best Paper : Academic & Industry
1st Prize: Rs. 20,000/-
2nd Prize: Rs. 15,000/-
3rd Prize: Rs. 10,000/-

1st Prize: Rs. 10,000/-
2nd Prize: Rs. 7,500/-
3rd Prize: Rs. 5,000/-

FULL PAPER SUBMISSION: To be intimated soon

Abstracts to be submitted to (Soft Copy & Hard Copy)

NICOM Secretariat
Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad 382481 (India)
Phone: 91-2717-241900-04; Fax: 91-2717-241916

Prof. Neeraj Amarnani
Conference Chairperson

E-Mail: Website:

Just when you thought ...

Just when you thought the IMNU folks have gone into hibernation, we are back!

After a week's break, its time to restart the motors and rev up the engines...

Planet IMNU is calling...

Sunday, September 6, 2009


5th of September,Teacher’s Day was so much dhhaammmmal and masti at IMNU campus.
Teacher’s day is a day when we can thank our teachers and let them know how much we appreciate them.Cultural committee organized an event for our beloved teachers at Nirma.

The teachers always give us some surprise quizes.It was their turn this time.Fun games were played and the lighter side of our dear teachers came out. LOGIC is FORBIDDEN game was also played which was the most hilarious of all.It was great to see them dancing,singing and acting.Also their was a cake cutting ceremony.

Souvenirs were given to all the respected professors.The most exciting part was the video which had student reviews about the teachers.It was shown at the end.

The evening really rocked and the stars were our honorable GURUS..


Donating blood is like extending a helping hand to someone who is in dire need of his life. As they say ‘Raktadan – Jeevandan’ .

We can save someone’s life by simply donating our blood, which is completely harmless to us. Our blood gets replaced itself in a period of 3 months, so we can donate 1 unit of blood every 3 months.

To help those who need blood to sustain or survive, Rotaract Club of Nirma Institute organized a blood donation camp at the instiute campus on 3rd and 4th September.

“Your 1 unit of blood can save someone’s life.” The coordinators appealed to everyone to take part in this venture.
It was in collaboration with the non profit making organisation ,PRATHMA

Friday, September 4, 2009


It was overwhelming to see such a great response to the online event of Expressions. Many of the students participated and shared their experiences at Nirma. Expressions Club came up with the result which is as follows:

1st - Vinay Mehboobani
2nd - Neha Anand
3rd - Esha Nagar

CHEERS TO ALL THE WINNERS.Prizes to be distributed in the next meet of the club.
A unique activity again expected from their side.


The results of ”Mystic India” series- A NiCHE product were finally announced yesterday.Congratulations to Shivadarshan –MBA FT 1 for being the overall series winner.

All round Series grand prize winners:
1.Shivdarshan-MBA FT1
2.Sharon V.I.-MBA FT1
3.Ankur Verma-MBA FT1
Mystic India 2.0 winners-
1.Shivadarshan-MBA FT1
2.Koeheli Roy-MBA FT1
3.Shweta Tiwari-MBA FT1
Mystic India-1.0 Winners-
1.Shivdarshan-MBA FT1
2.Sharon V.I.-MBA FT1
3.Ankur Verma-MBA FT1
Niche Quiz Winners dated 07/08/09
1.Karan Chawla
2.Siddharth Rami
3.Jaydeep Thadeshwar

Prizes Will be distributed in the next NiCHE meet.
The next in line are the results of the COPA MARKETING CUP organized by NiCHE.
“Branding Tomorrow”

Thursday, September 3, 2009

YUVA-The Sanitation Drive


Last week saw the yuva coordinators in action again.
A task which was a real need of the times when "Cleanliness begins at home."
Our unstoppables took this present day demand in notice and worked upon it by spreading awareness among such people who do not have any clue about all this.

Mr. Devendra Parekh, from Environmental Sanitation Institute(ESI) was present on the occasion for guiding everyone,the labor workers and the students as well.


More than 60 construction workers including women and children were given information and insight about the day to day hygiene. Various experiments were performed to make people realize about the importance of cleanliness.


At the end, soaps were distributed to the construction workers as a token to start the "SAFAAI AANDOLAN" in their life.

YUVA was definitely able to bring some awareness among them.


Its been quiet a while since COPA and SLAMDUNK began.However the rains here at IMNU have been pouring since the past few days making it impossible to play Football.Basketball though also moving behind schedule had managed to stage the CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS on 31st August.

A breif update on the SLAMDUNK... Stallions defeated Czars and reached the semifinals to clash with the Titans.The Pirates meanwhiloe defeated the Bisons and were the first team to qualify for the inaugural championship finals.The Stallions defeated the Titans and qualified for the finals too.The stage was set for the formidable Stallions to clash against the underdogs Pirates.The best thing about basketball matches has been that all sections come out in full support of their teams along with banners,their very own anthems and flags.This really pumps up the players and playing under the flood lights is awsum!!

So here we were all set for the finals...there had been a lot of bakar on IP on who would be the winner but now it was time to fight it out on the courts.The game started with the Stallions scoring the first points.Throughout the first quarter the ball kept hitting the basket and and the board bit no more points were scored in the remaining of the quarter.Till the end of the first quarter,both teams were level on a scoreline of 2-2
In the second quarter the Pirates got their game together and started playing to their ability and showed why they were in the the end of this quarter Pirates were leading by 6 points.
The third quarter saw the Stallions bounce back into the game with 2 back to back shots.Another quarter of exciting basketball came to an end with Pirates still leading with a slender two point lead.
The final quarter...herein both the teams put in all their efforts to swing the match in their favour.....after some nail bitting moments..the final whistle was blown and PIRATES emerged as the SLAMDUNK 2009 CHAMPIONS.
Special thanks to the SportsComm for making this event a success!!!