Wednesday, September 30, 2009


For the first years..a new term...a new starting........
For the second years... the "PLACEMENT term" begins...
Amidst all this frenzy CHeHrE is back with its latest offering:
“Showtime” the video making competition, 
wherein All your Creativity.....compiled into a Video.....presented in front ofall,

striving to be the BEST....this is what "SHOWTIME" is all about...
The theme for the event is 'NOTHING' and yet in a way, it encompasses
'EVERYTHING'...You can make your videos on any theme you want...

This time around the event is bigger and better than the last time....

With cash prizes worth Rs.3000 and an even more enthusiastic bunch of people,

The event surely promises to be rocking one. You must have seen the Graveyard Productions, VMAD Productions and the other production houses of our seniors whose videos like “Johny Mera Naam”,”Room Nummer 313”,”Dosti Forever” on SHOWTIME have made it such a grand event.

Seniors have already set a very high standard and they are going to raise the bar further this time around too...So c’mon people....gear up....its time all of us shoot those videos and unleash our creativity here at planet IMNU

So here are the rules and regulations -
1. Participating teams can be from MBA(FT),(FB). Cross teams
are allowed; that is in a team, a combination of FB,FT students are allowed.
2. Size of the team is at the participants' discretion. A participant can be a single person or a team of more than 1 .
3. The duration of the video should not exceed 8 minutes.
For any technical assistance, you can contact any of the following: 
Omkar Joshi 9737770269
Prateek Katoch 9099986289
Aashish Jindal 9099986246

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