Friday, October 30, 2009

Entrepreneurship Conclave 2009

The students of the Family and Entrepreneurship course at IMNU will organize a two day entrepreneurship conclave from 30th to 31st October.The theme of the conclave this year is-"ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY - The First 1000 Days".The conclave will cover the following sessions:

MyStory Sessions:
• My Story: Manufacturing - It’s All About Monotony And Money. Or, Is It?!
• My Story: Services Is All About Smiles! Or, Is It?!
• My Story: Where’s The Business In Agri-business?

AlumniSpeak Sessions:
• Our own shall reveal the secrets of his/her success.

ExpertSpeak Sessions:
• Consultants, Institutional Investors & Trainers shall unravel their side of the story.

Panel discussions:
• Leaders from different fields to enlighten us on the challenges faced by small
and medium enterprises.

The conclave promises to be an informative and enriching one as people from the industry will share their insights with the students and give a better picture about the entrepreneurial journey.

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