Monday, October 10, 2011

SAMURAI are COPA Nirma champions,again!!

In a fiercely fought game, SAMURAIS defeated PHAERENIKES 4-3 on penalties to clinch the coveted COPA NIRMA title. This is SAMURAIS second COPA NIRMA title.

SAMURAIS started the game well and scored in the 8th minute owing to a fumble by the PHAERENIKES goalkeeper. In the 12th minute, The PHAERENIKES equalized against the run of the game through a lack of judgment on the part of SAMURAI goalkeeper. As the game went on, the midfielders came to the foray and created opportunities only for the strikers to miss their targets.
In the second half SAMURAIS kept most of the possession but could not create much opportunities due to a resilient PHAERENIKES defense. In the extra time, the best chance of the game went to the PHAERENIKES when the ball hit the post through a free kick. As the game entered the sudden death, SAMURAI used their experience and composure to win the game and the title!!

1 comment:

  1. Good scoring.. yaar goalie ki to mat bajaao. say, it was good footwork by the center forwards...

    i savour similar memories of our first win back in 2003-04 season. some broken bones, some shattered goal posts.

    will be more than delighted to get in depth commentary of the matches.

    videos are a plus.