Saturday, August 8, 2009

Talent Nite Tomorrow

After a whole week of practices, rehearsals and auditions now its finally the time for one of the gala events of the year at planet IMNU. The air around the campus speaks volumes of talent and creativity which the first years will be showcasing on 8th Aug 2009.It would be a night when the students from diversified backgrounds come together and celebrate the spirit of youth and perform plethora of art forms. The event ORION 09-11 named after the well known constellation puts forth the words present in every NIRMAians’ heart “Reach for the stars”. This is the theme for the mega nite that lies ahead.

ORION 09 , is filled with scintillating performances by students exploring all dance styles , salsa, hip hop, bhangra, freestyle and more. It also has in its store some melodious scores sung by the students which will leave the audience mesmerized and wanting for more. The night would be full of some nice skits and plays on social and ethical issues, some of them pretty hilarious ones. A ramp show which is one of its kind fashion fiesta has also been put up keeping in sync with the latest trends. The new batch also has budding guitarists who will add a musical flavor to the ambience.

So it is finally party time for everyone in the campus and it would help strengthen the conviction of the students to perform in all arenas apart from the academic excellence which is their prime objective.

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