Monday, August 24, 2009

Yuva Clothes Drive brings smiles to all :)

“Nothing brings more happiness than the joy of giving”

Apart from the daily business activities that go around the campus, IMNU came alive with the spirit of social work on Sunday. The Yuva Club of the Institute which keeps on organizing fun activities with a social flavour went about the work of distributing the clothes they had collected as part of their Clothes Drive.

The clothes were collected and distributed among the needy people within the campus. The process was the culmination of a week long exercise, in which both junior and the senior Yuva coordinators got together and asked the students to come up with anything that they would like to give to the construction workers and their children who live within the sprawling campus and work on construction projects.

A lot of clothes were collected and were finally distributed today much to the delight of the recipients. The workers were really happy and thankful.

More deeds of philanthropy and random acts of kindness are expected to come out of Yuva’s bag.

The determination of future business leaders to become social volunteers is necessary and commendable.

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