Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Saral celebrates its 1st anniversary on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti

October 2, 2009 saw the inception of Saral - The Social Cell of IMNU. Saral was started with the aim of bettering the life of the kids of the construction workers who work at the Nirma University, and the students of IMNU have made regular efforts to bring about a change in the life of these children. The first anniversary celebrations of Saral was one of the proud moments for the students of the university. The celebrations took place in the “Basti” b­esides the institute and it involved activities like poem recitation and dance performances by the kids. The program chairperson Prof. Nina Muncherji graced the occasion with her presence. She imparted words of wisdom to the parents of these children about the importance of education in their life. She distributed school bags to the children and congratulated the IMNU students for the effort put up by them.

(Content Courtesy: Akshu Thula)

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