Friday, October 15, 2010

Swayam organizes a Guest Lecture

Swayam, the Entrepreneurship club organized a Guest Lecture on 'Why do second generation entrepreneurs fail?' by Prof . Snehal Desai, DGM at Adani Group and a visiting faculty in the institute. The lecture was held on the 5th of October at E3. Prof. Desai related the Maslow 's hierarchy of needs with the current generation by stating that since the Physiological and Safety needs of the second generation are already fulfilled by the first generation, thereby they fail to value these needs and make hasty decisions. The lecture was followed up by a Q&A session where budding entrepreneurs cleared their doubts and got enlightened.


  1. i don't agree in toto with the thoughts of Mr. Desai.

  2. i think Mr Desai is absolutely right. tht is the basic reason y second gen fail in buz family.